For digital marketing, media buying, research & planning.

While I’m a strategist at heart, my real love is to help, and often that includes doing hands on work. While my rates are pretty great now that I’m in Thailand, that’s not the best reason to hire me. Some other great reasons include that I process information incredibly quickly (300-500 word per minute), type fast (150 words per minute), and know most tools intimately. All of which means I hate quoting hourly rates, since my hour is more productive than most people!

That said, if you need help in any of the following areas, I’d love to chat and get your company back on track:

  • Media buying (Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or direct/offline)
  • Landing pages
  • Website optimization / conversion optimization
  • Email marketing / drip marketing
  • Marketing automation / content marketing
  • User research
  • Business planning / business modeling
  • Financial modeling
  • Social media optimization

I’ve found too many startups and small businesses use cheap resources for these tasks, and they end up getting cheap results. By investing just a little bit more, I’ll guarantee better results, and you can get back to what you do best instead of worrying about all the acronyms us marketing types like to use!

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