Jeremy literally wrote the book about business blogging. He hadthe smarts to start a blogging network before they were all therage and the even bigger smarts to refocus when he needed a newchallenge. Jeremy has been my go-to for community and bloggingquestions in the past and is still the top of my list to this day.

Jay Goldman, CEO, Sensei Labs

Jeremy is a truly original thinker when it comes to addressing client and consumer needs in the online space. His focus on ensuring there was a strong data-driven justification for any and all campaign / pitch decisions, and his ability to explain incredibly complex concepts in a way that clients instantly understood, allowed us opportunities to do truly innovative work, even with the most conservative of clients.

Jon Crowley, Director of Strategy, SID LEE

During the time I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy, I found him to be a fabulous thinker whose insights and knowledge of the digital space surmounted anyone that I had ever worked with. His innovative ideas, proactive recommendations and out of the box thinking allowed us to provide our clients with opportunities and solutions for their business that impressed and built confidence in us as an agency, allowing our digital business to grow significantly.

Jodi Charto, Great Clips

Jeremy is one of the most charismatic, digitally savvy problem solvers I know. He is quick to identify the right solution for clients – one that helps drive business objectives, which isn’t as common as you would think in this space. I can always rely on him to provide helpful advice and guidance, even when tackling the hardest of problems.

Yasmine Kashefi, Director Digital Strategy, Commix Communications